History of bricklaying

Have you ever known that the history of bricklaying and stone masonry is as old as six thousand years now? That is clearly a strong indication that bricklaying and stone masonry have been used by the early people as parts of civilizing their era. As a matter of fact, the history of bricklaying and stone masonry was known to have been used by the early Egyptians in the construction of most of their early structures and these include the Pyramids of Egypt.

It was the Romans who have actually brought masonry in other parts of Europe and the innovations of bricklaying procedures have undergone significant innovations during those times. During these times, the mortar was made known including the various types of patterns and bonds. However, everything in this world is known to be impermanent; the time came when the Roman Empire has started to decline and this was also the time when brick laying had also started to decline too.

The tenth up to the seventeenth centuries marked as the time when massive construction of cathedrals and building is made from bricks were popular. The truth is that many stone masons made use of guilds to build various towns and cities and that these guilds are almost similar to the unions of these days. These guilds are considered almost similar to the unions of these days simply because they both have the same categories of people working in the guild: there are apprentices, journeymen, and there are also masters. However, when the great fire in London broke in 1666, the Englishmen have started making use of bricklaying as a method of constructing buildings again.

The history of bricklaying also stretched out in the lands of the Chinese people. As a matter of fact, people of China were also known as experts in the field of bricklaying and one of their living proofs would include the Great Wall of China which is also considered today as one of the wonders of the world. It was also made known that the ancient Incas had also made use of bricklaying and stone masonry in the construction of their edifices and buildings and in the turn of the twelfth century, the Incas had already perfected the art of stone masonry and bricklaying.

The old brick houses that you would usually see in North America had been manufactured in Virginia in 1612 and they are said to be made by the hands just like the bricks that were used during the ancient times. This process of making bricks lasted until the turn of the eighteenth century when machines were invented to help in the creation and production of bricks for construction. So, the contents of the bricks have also changed. This was also the time when the use of cinder and concrete blocks were developed and was deliberately known from that time to these days as structural clay tiles.

As of the present days, there are already many kinds of bricks that can be used in many different purposes. Bricks also come in many different colors and hues which will work well with the kind of structure you wish to build.