Bricklaying Tools

Wondering what bricklaying tools you will need? We have put together a full list of what is needed for when you start work as a bricklayer. Most of these tools will be provided by your employer but if you are self employed or doing home DIY bricklaying then you will need to purchase some of these. Never buy cheap items; if you want to do a good job and you are using the tool everyday then its worth paying that bit more for a quality item.

Here is a video explaining some of the tools you need:


Brick Trowel

brick trowelA bricklaying trowel comes in all sizes and shapes. These will range between 10 and 14 inches. You will notice it is different on each side. Why is it different? One side has a more rounded edge and this is for the rough cuttings, we wouldn’t recommend you use this as a beginner. The rounded side also makes it more suitable for left and right handed bricklayers. Look after your trowel and make sure it doesn’t rust. To stop it rusting apply a light coating of oil.

Pointing Trowel

pointing trowelJust like the above trowel except its smaller. Both of the edges on this trowel are straight and are usually used to add some sort of finish to the bricks.

Spirit level

spirit levelThis is one of the most important and expensive pieces of your bricklaying tool kit! This is used to make sure that the bricks you have laid are straight both vertically and horizontally. We would recommend you buy a metal spirit level over a brick one as they are easier to clean and maintain.

Boat Level

Almost the same as the spirit level except it has 2 bubbles inside it for both vertical and horizontal levelling. It is smaller and handy.

Lines and Pins

These are used while the wall is being built. They provide a guide for the bricklayer for the bricks between the pins. They are tapered at the ends which do allow them to be inserted into the mortar.

Corner Blocks

You can easily make your own ones are they are inexpensive – see our corner block making guide. They are used in pairs, holding the line up between corners of the brickwork


Used for cutting the bricks. Please ensure that you wear protective goggles when using these as bits of brick will fly up. Always make sure the end of the handle is looked after and don’t allow it to go into a mushroom shape or it will split when you hit it.


These are fairly cheap and are used if you are doing a lot of pointing. You hold it in 1 hand while doing the pointing with the other.