Bricklaying Jobs in Australia

Are you thinking of emigrating and becoming a Bricklayer in Australia?

Then you might just be in luck. Bricklaying is listed on the Australian Migrant “in demand” jobs list, known as the MODL. This means that you are much more likely to be able to emigrate to Australia as this job will give you more points on your application.

What will be involved in my job?


Requirements to be a bricklayer in Australia

See if you pass the points test to be a bricklayer in Australia.

There are 2 options working as a bricklayer this could be either on a permanent basis or a temporary basis (called a working holiday)

Permanent Migraton to Australia

You must be under 45 years of age to be able to apply as a skilled migrant and be able to make an immediate contribution to the economy.

See if you qualify to be a permanent migrant bricklayer in Australia

Temporary basis (working holiday)

A working holiday is available to those who are under 30 years of age. Maybe you are thinking about travelling for a year and working as a bricklayer as you travel round.

See if you qualify for a working holiday in Australia as a bricklayer