Bricklaying Contractors

Becoming a bricklaying contractor is a great way to earn a lot of money. Contractors will usually be travelling a lot more around the country working on various contracts.  There are many advantages of working as a bricklaying contractor. These include increased freedom, wider skill development, the opportunity to make more money and the chance to be seen in a different light for any future employees. Let’s face it, with today’s jobs being hard to get with the credit crunch there isn’t such thing as a permanent job at the moment, so why not give contracting a go?

Still unsure as to whether bricklaying contracting is for you? Then read our list of benefits below:

Financial benefits:

  • The average contractor rate can be pretty much double that of a person in full time employment
  • With some contracts being short term the pay can be high for that short period
  • If you are highly skilled and experienced you can command a high rate of pay
  • Its best to set up your own limited company as its more tax efficient
  • Some contracts pay by the hour so overtime can be well worth doing


  • You are essentially your own boss; this will give you more time with your family and be very satisfying
  • The freedom to work whenever you want and wherever you want to!
  • Switching from contract to contract is easier than you think. Don’t be put off by this
  • Whoever you work for you will be your client, not your employer.
  • You can negotiate your payment terms

Skills development:

  • Working for many different companies will help build up your CV
  • If you are a good bricklaying contractor you may become well known within the trade and people may come after you for work which saves you applying for new jobs.
  • There is the chance to try something new which will help widen your skills
  • You will develop as an individual, learning more social skills and helping build relationships

Other advantages:

  • Gaining work abroad will become that little bit easier as most work abroad is contract based and they will see that you have the experience.
  • Gaining work abroad will become that little bit easier as most work abroad is contract based and they will see that you have the experience.


After talking about all the positives of becoming a bricklaying contractor its only fair that I should mention a few of the negatives. I believe the positives definitely out way the negatives but here are some things worth considering:

  • It’s your responsibility to find work. Always make sure when your current contract is ending that you have something else lined up.
  • You will be sorting out your own payment terms –remember to negotiate. After all this is what you are trained in and you are highly skilled. Don’t undervalue yourself.
  • You will need an accountant if figures are not your strong point to help sort out your TAX and VAT
  • No sick or holiday pay
  • Contracts are usually the first to be laid off in any sort of downturn.